Passivation Service

Passivation Service

PASSIVATION, a chemical cleaning process, is performed on stainless steel to remove free iron and other residual metals that have become embedded in the surface during the manufacture and machining process and may adversely affect the surface quality of the product. Passivation is used as the cleaning operation for castings, stampings and finished machine parts to ensure the removal of contaminants and provide a cleaner and more corrosion resistant surface.

Passivation ensures the following:

  • Maximum Corrosion resistance without plating
  • Stain resistance
  • Superior clean surface for priming or painting
  • Increased electrical stability


Our facility provides passivation in accordance to the following military and industry specifications:

  • QQ-P-35 Type II, VI, VII
  • ASTM A 967-05
  • ASTM A 380-06 Codes F - M

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